Boom Boom Club - Sutton


UK TOUR 2004


It may be uncool for a promoter such as myself to comment on his own gig, but the JA gig at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton, was really exceptional.
jan said in his intro that he was "priveledged to be here". Well as far as the audience and myself are concerned, the feeling was mutual.
Rarely has a gig been so uplifting, inspirational, and fun! The material from the new album was cleverly segued with some favourite oldies, and above all, it was the clever use of dynamics, superb playing allied with Jan's humourous personaity that made this an exceptional gig.
Quite simply one of the highlights of the year, climaxed by a closing extended funky band workout. Simply great.

I have been to the Sutton (Boom Boom Club) Stables (Milton Keynes) and I am off to Robin 2 for tonites gig. I am amazed just how good Jan's gigs are. He is a real pro and it seems that he and the rest of the boys in the band are really loving this tour and are 'well up for it'!! No two gigs are ever the same, they keep it fresh by changing the tunes/running order around - Magic.
I hope, Jan, you will keep coming here we really do love the music!!
(Especially Streetwalker !!)

Wilbrand Meischke on bass

Coen Molenaar on keyboards


maestro Jan himsef

Marijn van den Berg on drums

The audience had a great time

Photos: Clive Woodley