Eindhovens Dagblad 23 september 2000




Fireworks by Stochelo after broken string Sit down, beconed bassist Nonnie Rosenberg to rhythm guitarist Nous?che, as he returned from the dressing-room to the stage. He had replaced a broken string of his instrument and doubted what to do next. It was this disruption that resulted in unexpected top-level playing of the famous Rosenberg Trio with Jan Akkerman in Eindhoven.

Just as solo-guitarist Stochelo was right on track in ?Summertime?, Nous?che had to stop. To prevent a gap in music, Stochelo went on his own and new musical journey. Soon Nonnie couldn?t catch up anymore and seated just to watch. It became an intermezzo in which Stochelo really showed where he is capable of.

However the music of the Rosenberg is bright and dazziling, it follows a steady track, not really exploring the unknown. Speedy follow-ups of grand chords are the basis of lightning licks which are easily played by Stochelo. Right at this moment he was out on his own and presented the audience a solo full of variations and suprises. He levelled Jan Akkerman who had opened the evening with a long solo.

Once again Akkerman proved in that opening-piece that he is lonely at the top. Not only he showed his vast range of playing techniques, also he carefully handled the sound of his instrument. Through a finely tuned amplifier-system (by Neil Denholm, a great soundman; BvdB) he gave the high strings extra clarity and the bass strings a round and warm sound, however the total sound was in balance.

After this opening-piece his drummer and bassist came on stage and he steered into jazzy seas. In this environment Stochelo Rosenberg was extremely at ease, when he joined Akkerman?s trio. It is a sign of musical curiosity of the Rosenbergs that they go for encounters like this. They make there own music for a broad audience. To play with other people is a way to explore styles outside of their own. Guests and the ones who invited them play music of their own and then they play together. The choice of the trio for Jan Akkerman is a sign of their confidence. The concert was definitely a proof of the fact that their choice is based on quality.

Translated by Bas van den Berg