Jan Akkerman Live - DVD



Bron: De Zaankanter
30 Oktober 2003

Jan Akkerman Live - DVD
DVD is also becoming a more important sound medium lately, this week the first DVD of Jan Akkerman was released.
On it, one can a.o. enjoy a half-an-hour acoustic concert in Viersen and also more than 45 minutes of an electrical ‘going through the motions’ in Leverkusen. Among others, indeed, because there’s also a half-an-hour interview by Jan Douwe Kroeske added as an extra item, which is definitely worth watching. In it, Jan fortunately proves he did not change at all. “Actually I did not change since I was a seven-year-old boy’, the same goes for his verbal qualities.
Also extra ‘hidden’ are: Jan on lute and Jan with Paco de Lucia.
In short: anyone who in some way appreciates Akkerman’s music should definitely try to get a hold of this DVD.
Moreover the concerts sound fabulous, Jan really goes for it and the quality of the DVD is splendid.

The stoic withheld passion splashes and sparks in every direction and the more than beautiful ‘Am I loosing you’ finishes the intimate Viersen with Wilbrand Meischke on double bass.
In Leverkusen Jan fiercely lashes out while fusing ‘My pleasure’ and ‘Sylvia’ together.
Isn’t it also great an organ can be heard without a corny over-excessively presence. This is worth 10,000 times more than some so called Focus-reunion WITH Thijs but WITHOUT Jan!
And do I also hear a tribute to Miles, Jean Pierre?
After the impact of only Jan and his strings in ‘Central Station’ (‘Blimey, yes, that’s what it can also sound like’) it is ‘Hocus Pocus, embedded in a bluesy ‘Piétons’, that attracts the attention. It is subtitled ‘No yodel’... a joyful sneer is not to be missed of course! In it one can hear a greatly approved bass solo, while the rest of the band cheerfully grooves on.
And Jean Pierre noticed all was fine! Jan easily proves he still belongs to the absolute world top. He still doesn’t give a shit about that, by the way.
The concert ends with ‘Tommy’. My god, some songs can not be ‘cherished only inside our memories’ at all, in the contrary, they ought to come alive over and over again!

Goose bumps, available in 3 different soundtracks: DTS 5.1, Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 stereo.

Source: De Zaankanter
30 October 2003
Translation: Irene Heinicke